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Budapest - City of Children

Palace of Wonders Budapest
Minicity Budapest

Budapest has many facets, one is that it is most interesting to kids visiting the city. Many attractions are designed especially for the youngest, to ensure that they also get unforgettable experiences in the capital city of Hungary.


Palace of Wonders


One such place is the Palace of Wonders, located on the Buda side of the city. It is a truly educational playhouse designed for ages 8-16 (but offering just as much fun for adults as well). One can see and try unbelievable and tricky games like the "magic tunnel", or "Ames' Room". With the help of the exhibition one can prove manual skills, use one's intelligence and courage too. Believe that you won't believe your eyes!


Entrance fee:

Euro ~7,60 per adult (2.400 HUF)

Euro ~6,00 per child (1.800 HUF)




MiniCity is the newest acquisition in town, offering quality entertainment for the youngest from the early ages on. The interactive museum offers real life "in small size", with a small florist, small supermarket, small hairdresser, a small car repair shop or a small TV-studio and many others - everything in small size for kids to try, and do just like adults do in real life.


Entrance fee:

Euro 12,00 per child

Euro 5,00 per adult (attendant)


Zoo and Botanical Gardens


The oldest destination point for families in Budapest is the Zoo and Botanical Gardens, that is visited by more than one million people all year round.

It was founded at the end of the 19th century, but has been restored recently. It is a green and calm oasis in the heart of the City park, including a Magic mountain, and many interesting details.


Entrance fee:

Euro 12,00 per adult

Euro 8,00 per child (2-14 years)


Tropicarium - Oceanarium


More than 10 years ago, the largest aquarium in Central-Europe, 3000 m², known as the Tropicarium-Oceanarium opened in Budapest. The wildlife to be seen there is so varied that it is fair to say that a visit to the Tropicarium equals a visit to the far and exotic places of the world.


Entrance fee:

Euro 11,00 per adult

Euro 8,00 per child (4-18 years)


Interactive Railway Museum


Another exciting site for kids is Europe's first interactive railway museum displaying over a hundred railway vehicles and equipment of varying ages on a site of over 70,000 m². This includes a steam engine built in 1870 and the legendary Árpád railcar, built in 1934, while the gem of the vintage fleet is the elegant teak dining car built for the Orient Express in 1912.


Visitors cannot only admire the old machines: they can also try them. One can drive a steam engine, travel in a car converted for rails, operate a handcart, and ride on the turntable and on the horse tram.


The engine simulator offers a virtual experience of driving the most powerful Hungarian electric engine, using the original equipment, while the rail-cycle challanges one's of balance.


Entrance fee:

Euro 7,00 per adult

Euro 4,00 per child (4-18 years)


Buda Castle Labyrinth


Elder kids can experience another special tour: the Buda Castle Labyrinth, that is situated in a depth of several storeys, under the Buda Hills. This 1200-meter-long complex of caves and cellars welcomes its visitors with historic walls and mysterious exhibitions, such as "the Prehistorical Labyrinth": authentic copies of the most celebrated cave paintings of Europe, "The Night-time Labyrinth": the labyrinth to be visited, but from 6.00 pm with OIL LAMPS!, "the Labyrinth of Courage": the ones who are not afraid of their own shadows can give it a try! or "the Personal Labyrinths": the scene of seeking ways and means by oneself.


Entrace fee:

Euro 10,00 per adult

Euro 3,00 per child (6-12 years)