Gellért Thermal Bath © Budapest Spas

Budapest - City of Spas

Relaxation and health at the Danube

There are many things remarkable about the capital city of Hungary, its location, the beautiful buildings and architecture as well as the thriving culture.

What is most special about it, is however the gold that can be found under the ground: thermal springs. There are 11 spas in Budapest, with healing waters ranging from 21 till 76 degrees Celsuis, containing different minerals.

Witnesses of the bubbling spa liefe of Turkish times are the spas of Veli Bej, Rudas and Király, while the spas Széchenyi or Gellért are beautiful architectural creations in their own right. Some spas have a spacious garden and outdoor pools with hot water operating all year round, offering a wide range of services such as massages, beauty treatments and many more besides the regular pools and saunas.

The healing water are excellent resources for relaxation, and can be used to cure different diseases externally, or for a drinking cure to heal internally.