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20th Wine Festival in Budapest

Budapest, the 09/01/2011

Wine Festival in Budapest's Fortress: Over 1000 Wines to Test


The Tokajer may be the most famous Hungarian wine, nevertheless it is only one of a multitude of wines stored it in the wine cellars throughout the country. Once a year, all of the most important Hungarian vinters gather in Budapest's fortress in order to promote their treasures in a five day wine festival. The difference between this and other wine nations is not to be ignored: this year, France, with its vinters, is guest for the 20th anniversary.


High above Budapest's rooftops, there was dancing, celebrating and wine-tasting during September 7-11, 2011. When the International Budapest Wine Festival is running in the Hungarian metropolis, then everyone is rushing up to the fortress: both guests and locals. At no other time in the year is it possible to see such a large variety of wines in the capitol city, with the ability to buy or taste it. Over 150 Hungarian vinters were registered complete with their stands - the list of presenters is a "Who is Who" of Hungarian wine.


But these days do not revolve solely around wine. The festival is also a welcome occasion to revive old traditions. Numerous dance and music groups from throughout the country make for a broad musical program in the fortress, artists and artisans present their creations and the 20 year history of the festival is brought in focus in a photo exhibition. For the perfect wine experience, the right food is imperative. For this reason, many stands throughout the fortress prepare exquisite foods, morsels and specialities. The guest country is also important in a culinary respect - this year we were impressed with the culinary results of the Hungarian-French partnership!


In addition, a "Wine University" was offered, where visitors could gain field knowledge over the oldest drink for mankind. One was also able to give a hand at being a wine test juror, and many of the most valuable bottles traded hands during a wine auction. A Thanksgiving parade is traditionally the climax of the wine festival.


This year ten thousand guests were expected at Hungary's most important wine festival.


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