Budapest Grand City Tour - 9 hours

Budapest is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, also called "Paris of the East". The river Danube runs through the middle of this metropolis, dividing the hilly Buda from the Pest plain. The Danube panorama has become a UNESCO World Heritage site.

First part:

Visiting the Pest side - the City Park, Heroes' Square with the Millenium Monument (with statues of the most famous kings and historic personalities of Hungarian history) and St. Stephen's Basilica (including the "Holy Right", a memorabilia of the first king of Hungary).


Second part:

The Buda side - that is the oldest part of the metropolis, it is the capital city of Hungarians from the 13th century up till now. One can see many relics from the mediaeval, renaissance, gothic periods all over its area, including Gellért Hill with the Citadel (breathtaking view of the whole city), the Castle district (a mediaeval "city in the city"), the Fishermen's Bastion (another beautiful location for looking out over the whole capital) and Matthias church, one of the most interesting and famous churches of the country.