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Ice Caves or Fortress Hohenwerfen

Fortress Hohenwerfen
Ice Caves Werfen
Salzburg, the 02/22/2014

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Would you rather hike ON the mountain or UNDER the mountain? Around 45 kilometres South of Salzburg you have the choice. There, the powerful medieval Fortress Hohenwerfen reigns over the Salzachtal, while deep within the rocks the fascinating paths and halls of the Eisriesenwelt give a look into the interior of the mountain range. Salzburg Panorama Tours offers both attractions within a new tour - the guest can choose whether he would rather explore the interior of the mountain or enjoy the view from the fortress turrets.


With a length of 42 kilometres, the Eisriesenwelt by Werfen is the largest ice cave in the world. A hike leads about a kilometer into the depths of the mountain and into the empire of eternal ice, whose creation is natural phenomenon. Cold air is tranported deep into the caves by the chimney effect and then stored in the rock. When the snow melts and water flows through cracks in the rock into the cave, it freezes into ice. In summer, some of the ice does melt, but it builds back up again in the next spring, so that the ice casing in the cave grow larger as a whole from year to year.


Climbing to the Eisriesenwelt is rather exhausting, however. Although a cable car transports the guests up close to the cave entrance, that last part of the way as well as the cave tour itself is taken on approximately 1,400 steps. Good walking shoes and warm clothing are a must! However, one can experience a unique magical world, which one cannot find anywhere else in the world.


For those who want to avoid the taxing climb or who have respect for a hike into the interior of the mountain, a visit to the Fortress Hohenwerfen is an option. The fortress, whose foundation dates back to 1075 and is therefore as old as the Fortress Hohensalzburg, has been used as the setting for numerous films. The most famous is probably the US-American war film "Where Eagles Dare" from 1968 with Richard Burton and Clint Eastwood, but the fantasy series "The 10th Kingdom" was also filmed in Werfen.


Today one can reach Fortress Hohenwerfen comfortably by elevator. The old walls could tell a very changeable history. Built by the Salzburger Prince-Archbishops, the fortress was burned and damaged during the peasant wars, but then considerably stengthened in the face of the threatening Turkish menace. Today one can still admire the "Burgahnl" from this time period in the bell tower. This is a 4412 kg bell cast in 1598 in Innsbruck and only rung for special occasions. The fabulous view over the Salzachtal and the Tennengau landscape is another sight to see. The Bird of Prey Show demonstrating the abilities of these impressive birds should also not be missed.


The private tour by Panorama Tours lasts around 6 hrs.


Book the tour directly online on our website https://www.panoramatours.com/en/salzburg/private-tour/private-tour-giant-ice-caves-at-werfen-1034/.

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