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New Sound of Music Website

Neue Sound of Music Webseite
Seite über Maria von Trapp

Just in time for 50 years Gala Sound of Music


We celebrate 50 years “The Sound of Music” with a new website.


You will find a lot of information about the making of the movie "The Sound of Music", the crew and all the film locations in and around the city of Salzburg.


Follow the footsteps of the real von Trapp family and learn all about their moving life in Salzburg and the escape to the United States and their successful music career. Get to know the Actors of the successful movie "The Sound of Music", which was awarded with 5 Oscars in 1965 and learn all about the "Original Sound of Music Tour" by Panorama Tours Salzburg where you can visit all the famous locations in and around Salzburg.


Look forward to:

• The True Story of the Trapp Family

• Learn more about the film and actor

• Salzburg Venues and Attractions

• Original Sound of Music Tour

Have a look at the new Website of Sound of Music!

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