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Safety comes first for Panorama Tours

Parcours beim Fahrsicherheitestraining

Driver's Safety Training for all drivers


The safety of guests is the main priority for Panorama Tours.


In order to guarantee that all drivers and guides frequently have to complete a Driver's Safety Training at the ÖAMTC Fahrsicherheitszentrum in Saalfelden. Here all participants will receive professional training to keep the car or bus in difficult situation well under control. In addition to the basics, the driver will learn the right handling when it comes to quick line changes, aquaplaning and required emergency braking. Finally it comes to the handling course. In this selective round course all driving maneuvers have to be used in a quick row of procedures. Good concentration and quick reaction perfecting the learned driving skills.


To increase the safety of our guests and drivers even more, all of our vehicles are equipped with the latest technology of  Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).


Watch out our video from the Driver`s Safety Training in our YouTube Chanel.

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