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“Sound of Music” - Remake in Salzburg

Regisseur Kloiber with principal performers Obonya und Nussbaum
Principle performers Obonya, Bennett, Catterfeld and MacFadyen

The film called “The Trapp Family – A Life of Music” is currently being remade in Salzburg and the surrounding area.


“Sound of Music” - Remake in Salzburg


The new, international film about the world-famous Von Trapp family is based on the autobiography of the eldest Von Trapp daughter Agathe and should “be as authentic as possible” said director Ben Verbong. “It is a perceptual and psychological story and slowly the political dimension is also revealed.”

A realistic representation of Maria von Trapp“


We’re trying to tell the story as authentically as possible. The story is very emotional, the scenes are small like an intimate play and I like that,” said Yvonne Catterfeld who plays the main role of Maria von Trapp. For Eliza Bennett, who plays Agathe from the age of 16 to 24, the role presented a challenge. “Agathe goes through a lot. She loses her mother, she loses her identity.” The music of the Trapp family also plays a role in the film with opera singer Annette Dasch taking on the role of the famous opera singer Lotte Lehmann, who supported the family’s musical talent.


The film is very close to the heart of Kloiber who has lived in Salzburg for 35 years and has already realised a number of other film projects. There is great international interest in the film and it has already been sold in America, Canada and Japan - says Kloiber. It will be filmed from April until the middle of June, mainly in the city of Salzburg and the surrounding area (a total of three weeks) but also in Upper Austria and Bavaria. In Salzburg, for example, they filmed in the Mülln church, the Mirabell gardens, on an alpine road and on the rooftop terrace of the Glockenspiel café. Even if the sites are not the original locations, “for me, they are all authentic places” stressed the director.

The planned release date for the film in cinemas is winter 2015/16 and the film premiere is planned for November in the Mozartkino in Salzburg.


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Source: SN, Apa 2015/06/01


Pictures: © Franz Neumayr

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