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Making of Videodreh am Leopoldskroner Weiher

Shooting of the new Sound of Music Tour Video


The Sound of Music – world famous movie awarded with five Oscars becoming the highest grossing movie ever, reaching cult status over the years. In 1964 Salzburg and its vicinity was turned into “The Sound of Music Movie” film location – and it was Salzburg Panorama Tours taking Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer as well as the whole film cast to the various film locations.

62 years later – following the traces of the Sound of Music film locations – it’s once again “lights, camera and action”! The Nemada Film Productions from Salzburg captivates magnificently – for all movie lovers – the various spots on the Original Sound of Music Tour by Salzburg Panorama Tours.

David Neumayer from the Nemada Film Productions summarizes in a short interview the highlights of the video shoot.


Panorama Tours: What was the biggest challenge?


David Neumayr: a real challenge was the transitions, so the individual scenes would fit together. As the actors were only a single bus tour, we needed an exact seating plan in order to create the impression they joined the tour the whole time. Furthermore, it was also important to me that, it seemed that we filmed only one single tour, although we used the material from different Sound of Music tours.


Panorama Tours: How did you come up with this story?


David Neumayr: We always remember special incidents during a vacation. Well, it’s just the same with special scenes or movie locations from our favorite movies.  It was important to me, that the tour comes across like one big adventure trip where one can revive certain moments from the movie, or where things happen incidentally, which remind us on the movie.


Panorama Tours: How long did it take until everything was “in the can”?


David Neumayr: In total, we shot for three whole days. On the first day, we focused on the documentary scenes, on the second day on staged scenes. The third day was more or less blending in the actors and drone images.


Panorama Tours: What did enjoy at the most, what was most fun for you?


 David Neumayr: the scene where our actress fell into the Leopoldskron pond was limited to one attempt; the tension therefore was really high. Something like this I enjoy the most, especially if everything runs smoothly.


Panorama Tours: Are you now also a Sound of Music Fan?


David Neumayr: I really think that every local person in Salzburg who has not seen (and there are many) the movie yet, should catch up as soon as possible. In any case, afterwards you definitely want to see the tour.


Panorama Tours: How long does it take to make a great video from all the collected material (cutting, editing sound etc.?


David Neumayr: It is difficult to make an estimate. However, on the whole it takes about a week.


Panorama Tours: How large was your film crew in total?


David Neumayr:  Well, when I count the whole team including storyboard artist, speaker, color grader, actors etc. …. er 16 people …. phew.


Panorama Tours: Any slip-ups during the shooting?


David Neumayr:  No such thing during my film production. No, just kidding – actually I touched a bus stop with a propeller of a drone during landing – but I had some spare parts with me and it had been immediately exchanged.


Panorama Tours: Thank you for taking your time!


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