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Thanks to The Sound of Music and 1000 Schillings:

Leopoldskron Palace
Venecian Room Leopoldskron
Salzburg, the 02/21/2014

Leopoldskron - the most famous palace worldwide


Every Austrian alive in the 60s and 70s knows it. Everyone who has ever seen "The Sound of Music" knows it as well. Palace Leopoldskron in Salzburg, not far from the Fortress in the South of the city center, is probably one of the most famous palaces in the world, even though its name is not well known.


Some of the funniest, and also most touching scenes in the film "The Sound of Music" were filmed in 1964 at the summer residence palace built for the Salzburg Archbishops. Who doesn't remember the wet-and-wild boating party where Maria along with all the children suddenly landed in the water? This scene took place direclty in front of the palaceon the lake with the same name. The romantic scenes in the white music pavilion, which can now be visited in Hellbrunn, were also performed in the Schlosspark from Leopoldskron. Other memorable scenes are the ballroom scene of the Baron von Trapp, as well as the performance of the Marionettentheater by his children. These interior scenes also are from Palace Leopoldskron in the Venecian Room with its gold and mirrored wall paneling.


Only one year after the film "The Sound of Music" broke all box office records worldwide, Palace Leopoldskron received another honor, which brought it into every Austrian household. As of July 1st, 1966, the facade of the palace was printed on the back of the 1000 shilling bill until it was replaced in 1983 by the Vienna University on the new thousand shilling bills. As the 1000 Shilling note was the hightest valued bill in its time, the picture of the Palace Leopoldskron was a true object of desire for everyone.


Despite its fame, only a few guests are able to see the interior of the originally maintained rococo-palace covered with a 270 year old patina. The owners of the object, the American Foundation "Salzburg Global Seminar", cares diligently for this historic jewel and keeps it therefore almost as exclusively as the Archbishop once did, who had it built between 1736 and 1740. Entrance to the magnificent palace on the banks of the romantic Leopoldskroner lake are given only to seminar participants and hotel guests staying in one of the 12 palace suites or in a room in the neighboring historic Meierhof. Each suite is furnished with antiques and has its own character. The Max Reinhardt Suite is the most majestic and largest in the palace and still has today the secret passage into the library which the artist had built in order to enter his favorite room without being disturbed.


Sometimes the palace opens its doors for an exclusive event or seminar client, who can meet in truly princely quarters. The Palace Church unchanged in over 270 years is available for wedding, and the sun terrace is the ideal location for a romantic cocktail reception. A perfect evening ends with a gala dinner in the marble hall or a candlelight-dinner in the Venetian room in the 2nd floor where the Trapp family celebrated - at least in the film.


Panorama Tours has created a special package where the guest can spend 2 nights in the Meierhof of the Palace Leopoldskron and get to know the hidden treasures of the house. The price of Euro 203,00 per person in a double room and Euro 234,00 per person in a single room includes the overnight stay and buffet breakfast, as well as a welcome drink, an Original Sound of Music Tour and a souvenir present of Salzburg. Requests for this package can be place online.

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