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Saltmines Hallein

Saltmines Hallein
Salt lake at the mine in Hallein

One of the oldest exhibition saltmines in the world can be found just outside the gates of Salzburg. Salt from the Duerrnberg brought wealth and prosperity to Salzburg from Celtic times to the reign of the Prince Archbishops.


Salt, one of nature's inconspicuous yet generous gifts, has been hidden in the depths of this subterranean realm on a journey to the Salzburg / Bad Duerrnberg saltmines. Hear the true story of the famous "Man in the Salt" and be fascinated by the salt in the heart of the mountain. Your exciting journey into the depths of the saltmines begins by donning the traditional miners' uniform.


Clothed in white overalls, you'll enter the salt mines tunnels on a small train. You'll slide down smoothly polished slides from one level to the next until your reach the heart of the mountain. A miner will be with you at all times, giving a vivid description of life in the mines. A raft will take you across the famous salt lake, accompanied by eerie, mystical sounds. Films and exhibits round off your guided tour. We hope you'll come visit us at the saltmines Hallein!


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