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Sofiensäle Wien - Johann Strauss Konzerte
Johann Strauss Konzerte - Orchester
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From 1850 to 1898, Johann Strauss performd with his orchestra personally more than 200 times in the Sofiensäle, which is now heritage-protected. Experience a unique classical music and dance presentation by the Viennese Johann Strauss Virtuosos in the elaborately renovated concert hall. It has extraordinary acoustics and state-of-the-art technology, as well as air conditioning.







Enjoy the most popular operetta arias, waltzes and polkas of the King of Waltz Johann Strauss and his family. 

In the first part of the concert you will listen to some marvellous works like the „Champagne-Polka“ or „My Dear Marquis“. The orchestra will delight you with world-famous melodies, including „Blue Danube“, „Emperor-Waltz“, „Radetzky-March“ or the „Chit Chat-Polka“.






Experience an evening in ¾ in the breathtaking Sofiensäle in Vienna. 

Listen to the wonderful music and marvel at the couple dancing and our charming singer. Our Master of Ceremony will guide you through the evening in viennese style and elegance.

Even if you haven`t yet learned the basic steps of the Viennese waltzes known as „Notwalzer“ or „Pendelschritt“, you can have a quick try of the well known three-step rotation movement during the interval. Our artists will explain the steps of the Viennese waltz to you first of all without a rotation, so you can perfect the correct Viennese waltz rotation after a few attempts. 

At the end of the concert you can try out what you've learned straight away.



Rates & Dates

23rd March - 31st Oktober 2016 - Konzerte at 8.30 pm

Category VIP* EUR 82,00

Category A EUR 65,00

Category B EUR 52,00

Category C EUR 39,00


Christmas 24.12 2016 - Concert at 3.00 pm
25.12. - 30.12.2016 - Concert daily at 8.30 pm 

Category VIP* EUR 113,00

Category A EUR 86,00

Category B EUR 66,00

Category C EUR 56,00


New Years Eve 31.12.2016 - Concert at 7.00 pm
New Year 1.1.2017 - Concert at 8.30 pm

Category VIP* EUR 92,00

Category A EUR 72,00

Category B EUR 57,00

Category C EUR 46,00

*A glas of champagne is included in the VIP category

Important informations:

Meeting spot:

Sofiensäle, Marxergasse 17, 1030 Wien

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