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Franz Liszt - the "European" Musician

Vieanna, the 03/01/2012

Franz Liszt was born 200 years ago: Austria is celebrating the Life of the Composer and Musician...


The little village of Raiding in Mittelburgenland close to the Hungarian border has a population of only 836. Nevertheless, this year it is quasi the center of the music world. The most famous son in the region is namely Franz Liszt, the magnificent composer, piano virtuoso and patron. His birth house, the former Meierhof of the noble Esterházy family, is the pilgrimage location for numerous friends of music and, together with the concert hall, builds the Liszt-Center in Raiding.


Franz Liszt was born on October 22, 1811 as the son of a German family here, which was then known as the Hungarian Kingdom of the Austrian Empire. Torn between the cultures, he never let himself be claimed by one nation. Later, he decided to use French as his correspondence language and once, in a letter, referred to France as his intellectual fatherland. During his lifetime, he wandered through Europe as a free spirit, thrilling listeners and appeared as the patron of several other composers. He supported Richard Wagner financially and stood up for the works of Schumann, Berlioz and Mendelssohn. He is considered one of the founders of the Allgemein Deutschen Musikverein and the Neudeutschen Schule.


His musical and literary legacy is so extensive that it has still not been released as a complete work even today. That is the reason classical music fans are so excited for this year's Liszt Year and why his works are not only being performed in Burgenland, rather in many countries and cities. One of the highlights is without a doubt the "Festklänge" taking place in his birth village between October 19-26 when each day a different work of the composer will be performed. The dates for the Liszt Festival in Raiding 2012 are also set: from January 27-29, March 23-24 and October 18-22, 2012 Franz Liszt's music will be performed.


Those travelling to Raiding should most definitely walk along the "Liszt Path" in the footsteps of the genius. At eight stations, one can become acquainted with the various facets of Franz Liszt: the child prodigy, the womanizer, the symphonic poet, the piano virtuoso, the dreamer, the free spirit and the lateral thinker, the European and the spiritual idealist. The exposition "Liszt & Wine" and the dignified wine bar of the Raidinger Liszt Society also deserve a visit.


A special Liszt exposition in the County Museum in Eisenstadt carrying the title "Born to be a superstar" can be experienced. The Diocese museum in Eisenstadt delves into Liszt's deep religiousness and his musical connection to the church in another exposition. The Weimar Period of the artist, which is considered one of his most important creative periods, is the center of the special exposition "Neutöner Liszt" in Eisenstadt's Haydn House; whereas the Unterfrauenhaid local church have opened their doors for an exposition with the motto "The Child Prodigy Liszt - baptism and prophecy". All these noteworthy events run until November 11, 2011.


Vienna was an especially important station in his life for Franz Liszt. It was here that he was taught courses in piano and composition from the Beethoven student Carl Czerny and later from the court composer Antonio Salieri. It is for this reason that the capitol city also honors this maestro in its concerts cycle. Between September 6 and October 18, 2011 all of the organ works by Franz Liszt will be performed in the Viennese Schottenabtei. On his birthday, October 22, there will be presentations, tours and concerts throughout the entire day.


A small taste to set the tone for Franz Liszt can be found here in one of his most famous compositions: Liebestraum.


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