Mozart's birthplace


Cultural & music capital


Hungarian diversity


Salzburg - Mozart's birthplace

Experience Salzburg
The City of Mozart & Salzburg Festival

Salzburg is rich in tradition, history and culture. The old town is part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage. Look and see the various facettes of the Sound of Music town.

Salzburg experience

Duration: 4,0h

Original Sound of Music Tour - Tour 1A

Vienna - Cultural & music capital

Experience Vienna
City of music and arts

Vienna as the former Imperial City not only just offers culture and music but is also a centre of arts. Come along on the traces of Sisi and Franz!

Vienna experience

Vienna - there is always a reason

Budapest - Hungarian diversity

Experience Budapest
the pearl at the Danube

Budapest does not just have a long history. You can experience culture, music as well as sightseeing in that city. For recreation use the variety of spas in town!

Budapest experience

Duration: 8,50h

Full day tour Danube bend