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Discover the fiery and refined Hungarian cuisine

Gourmets in Budapest

Goose liver parfait

What dish do you think first when you think of Hungary and Budapest - Goulash? Or maybe Salami? But this country has a lot more to offer than delicacies and is a land of plenty for gourmets.


The Hungarian kitchen is defined by one of the most important spices - Paprika. Available in many different strengths it can be used for many Hungarian soups, starters and main dishes, like Letscho, originating from the Balkan cuisine, although the Hungarian Letscho is unique.


Further the best pork in the world can be sampled here - Hungary is famous for its Mangalitza pigs that have meat with fatty, well-marbled texture making it more tender and juicier than normal pork. Raising pigs has also brought Hungarians to turning the meat into various sausages - the most important are the Gyuler sausage and the Csabaer sausage. But also the Hungarian Salami should never be missing at breakfast or any snack.


Try as well in Budapest the traditional fish dishes like the Fogash (pikeperch) or a fish soup, a duck liver Foie Gras (fresh or as a pate) and for dessert a piece of Dobostorte, pancakes or the famous layered cake (Kürtöskalács).


The Hungarian Cuisine also offers a wide choice of typical drinks, the most important is the wine, the best known being Tokaj. But also the high percentage spirits like Barackpalinka (apricot schnaps), Palinka (plum schnaps) or the herbal liquor Unicum are all the rage.


The Metropolis on the Danube offers a wide choice of restaurants where you can order these delicacies. For those of you spoiled for luxury the restaurants "Costes", the "Onyx" and the Borkonyha offer a Michelin rated cuisine. The internationally best known restaurant is surely the "Gundel" where you absolutely should taste the Gundel-pancake.


Those who prefer it more rustic would enjoy the "Mathiaskeller" or the "100 year restaurant". Also the restaurant "Aranyhordó" in the centre of the Burgviertel (fortress quarter) is recommendable. Here you have not only the possibility to dine, but also to visit the pub or wine bar. Apropos wine - this you should not neglect in Budapest, for this reason you should plan a visit to the "House of Hungarian Wine" in the palace or enjoy a wine tasting in the "Faust cellar" in the hotel Hilton next to the Matthias church. Ráday street, Liszt Ferenc square and Gozsdu Court are also very popular with many restaurants and bars.


If you want to try these classic sweets you must not miss a visit to the Cafe Gerbeaud, the classic in Budapest. The traditional business has made its name as the former supplier to the K&K court and has specialised in cakes, sweetmeats and buscuits.


If you want to learn more about the Hungarian cuisine your Panorama team will happily organise you a cooking course - of course with a shopping excursion beforehand to the large market hall to catch a glimpse into the wonderland of spices and ingredients.


Budapest offers a variety of festivals about food - here we have listed a few for you:


  • Mangalitza Festival (February)
    Here you can taste delicacies made from this special Hungarian Wool Pig
  • Budapest Fish Festival (February)
    Hungary is famous for its fish dishes - especially the spicy ones! Try different varieties and enjoy a Palinka-tasting as well
  • Budapest Palinka Festival (May)
    For all lovers of the high percentage delicacies 300 different kinds of Palinka are there to be tasted
  • Belgium Beer Festival (May / June)
    In the agricultural museum in the Vajdahunyad palace friends of beer will be provided for with a choice of 100 different Belgium beers from over thirty different breweries
  • Foie Gras Festival (September)
    Organised by the Hungarian goose breeding society - inclusides a cooking course, children's program and live music
  • Budapest Wine Festival (September)
    One of the largest wine fairs takes place in the royal palace including lectures on oenology, auctions and other presentations
  • Sweet days - chocolate and sweetmeats festival
    For people with a sweet tooth a chance to experience numerous variations on the topic of chocolate & co
  • and many more