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Learn about the moving history of the City on the Danube

Hungarian culture

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Synagogue Budapest

The history and with that also the culture of Hungary is very special - the republic can look back over 1000 years since the state was founded under King Steven (Istvan I). Often ruled by other countries a culture developed that today we deem so vivacious.


The Hungarian culture is one of the most diverse ever - many mosques and turkish baths have been conserved from the occupation by the Ottomans in the 16th century.


Around 150 years later, under the leadership of Prince Eugen of Savoie, Hungary would be freed from the Ottomans which led to the legendary rule of the Habsburgs. Under Emperor Franz Joseph the double monarchy was proclaimed in 1848 and lasted until the 1st World War.


We surely associate with Hungary the extraordinary music, the special folk dance and the colourful dress. But Hungary, and especially Budapest have a lot more to offer for lovers of culture. For friends of architecture the City on the Danube offers a wide choice of buidlings - just think of the Hungarian parliament, the beautiful baths by Gellert or Szechenyi or the Jewish synagogue.


Music lovers will noe only get their fill with the traditional music of the folkloristic groups, which also play the typical Hungarian instrument, the Cimbalom, but can listen to classic opera in the state opera house, organ concerts in one of the many churches like St Stefan Basilica or book a concert of the great composers, Franz Liszt and Bela Bartok.


Those wanting to see the traditional Hungarian dress we recommend an excursion to the rural areas, especially the Puszta where this traditional dress is still worn on public holidays. Book one of the guided tours or hire a car to visit this beautiful landscape that is even more attractive than when seen on the TV screen.


Also the wine is part of the cultural heritage - the 22 wine growing regions grow not only the classic Tokaj, you can also find internationally well-known grape varieties like Blaufränkisch, Merlot or Welschriesling as well as Hungarian varieties like Hárslevelü, Leányka or Juhfark.


A special highlight for all connoisseurs is the international Wine Festival in the Budapest Royal Palace that takes place annualy in September (10.09. - 14.09.2014). Here you not only have the possibility to further your wine education with seminars on oenology by the wine university but also take part in an auction and many musical live acts.