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Our multilingual driver guides

Team Salzburg Panorama Tours

We would like to introduce you to our multilingual team - as you can see, it is not a lie to speak of multi-lingual drivers!


If you need a guide with another language, please contact us at any time!

Team Salzburg Panorama Tours
  • Auer Reinhard: English, French
  • Batra David: English, Italian
  • Brunner Christopher: English
  • Carter Jenny: English, French
  • Donner Peter: English, Italian, French
  • Eder Maria: English, Italian
  • Gruber Walter: English, Italian
  • Gurtner Maximilian: English, Spanish, Italian, French
  • Gurtner-Reinthaler Yarina: English, Spanish
  • Hemetsberger Günther: English, Italian, Spanish, French
  • Kleibl Gerd: English
  • Klieber Bernhard: English, French
  • Köll Thomas: English, Italian
  • Koyama Yuki: Japanese
  • Laner Hubert: English, French
  • Leitgeb Antonia: English, Italian
  • Loureiro Carlos: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, French
  • Maschek Andreas: English, Spanish
  • Mogil Naomi: English, French, Italian, Spanish
  • Naderer Stefan: English, Spanish
  • Nussbaumer Peter: English
  • Prötzner Peter: English, French
  • Pulatov Komoliddin: English, Russian
  • Rothner Johannes: English, French, Italian, Spanish
  • Santos Rivera Natascha: English, Spanish
  • Sarlay Sabine: English, Spanish
  • Scheumann Ingo: English, Russian
  • Teuber Andreas: English, Spanish
  • Tolaster Helen: English, Spanish
  • Toth Michael: English, French