Explore the famous art treasures in 15 magificent rooms

Residence Gallery Salzburg

Exhibition at Residence Gallery
Halls of Residence Gallery

The finest exhibits at Residence Gallery are those belonging to the Dutch School with masterpieces by Rembrandt, Rubens, Brueghel and many others.


Famous Italian, French and Austrian masters give the visitor an impression of the Baroque world of drama and the love of life. An exhibit of great value in the 15 magnificent rooms on the second floor of the former prince archbishops' residence is rounded off by paintings by 19th century Austrian masters. Paintings by Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, Friedrich Amerling, Hans Makart and Anton Romako invite art-lovers to spend a contemplative hour or two, as do the views of Salzburg by Thomas Ender, Anton Hansch, Johann Fischbach and Friedrich Loos.


The periodically varying exhibition at Residence Gallery is supplemented regularly by special exhibits. Tours and educational programs are possible by prior arrangement.


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