Stiegl-Brauwelt - exterior view © Stiegl - Neumayr


The beer experience

Explore the secrets of goo beer in the Stiegl Brauwelt

Your beer experience starts at the brewery shop - the entrance to the interactive beer exhibition and starting point for general tours.

Watch our very own Stiegl blockbuster "The Nature of Beer" at the 270° Stiegl Brewery Cinema where our unique projection technology will immerse you in the heart of the action. After visiting the in-house brewery, where you can learn all about the raw materials and watch our master brewers live at work, we will whisk you away into our World of enjoyment. 
Admire our beer-tasting and maturing cellar, and make the most of a unique opportunity to savour the seasoning and sample some Jungbier (young beer) in the traditional way to assess its progress.

At the World of Beer you'll immediately be struck by our most popular photo motif: the beer tower! Explore it to your heart's content as your listen to humorous and interesting anecdotes about this much-loved amber nectar.

Finally we visit the Stiegl Museum, a place to discover all sorts of fascinating facts about Austria's largest private brewery.

Gastronomy at the Brauwelt gives you the perfect chance to treat yourself. In addition to the beer tasting included in the admission price, you can also try some typical Austrian cuisine and a number of beer specialties.

The tour ends at the brewery shop, where you will be given your souvenir.



Bräuhausstraße 9
5020 Salzburg

Stiegl-Brauwelt - beer exhibition 1 © Stiegl - Bazzoka
© Stiegl - Bazzoka
Stiegl-Brauwelt - beer exhibition 2 © Stiegl - Bazzoka
© Stiegl - Bazzoka
Stiegl-Brauwelt - archway © Stiegl
© Stiegl
Stiegl-Brauwelt - exterior view © Stiegl - Neumayr
© Stiegl - Neumayr
Stiegl-Brauwelt - Stiegl beer in the hand © Stiegl - Bazzoka
© Stiegl - Bazzoka