Large Festival Hall

Salzburg Festival

The Large Festival Hall resides in the heart of the festival district and is one of Salzburg Festival’s most impressive venues. Built by renowned architect Clemens Holzmeister together with Herbert von Karajan, who had a significant role regarding design, the venue has opened on the 26th of July 1960.

Blended in between the three centuries old façade of the former court stables and the Mönchsberg, no expenses and efforts were spared during the construction of the theatre with its opera stage. Even nowadays the structure as well technical equipment still meets the highest international demands.

The façade of the Large Festival Hall displays a Latin inscription by the Benedictine monk Thomas Michels:  Sarca camenae domus concitis carmine patet quo nos attonitos numen ad auras ferat, which means the following: The holy house of the muse is open for lovers of the arts, may divine power inspire us and raise us to the heights.

Together with the Haus für Mozart, Felsenreitschule, Dom Platz (cathedral square) and Kollegienkirche, the Large Festival Hall forms the festival district.

The venue offers 2.177 seats and is merely used for opera performances as well as orchestral concerts



Large Festival Hall
Hofstallgasse 1, 5020 Salzburg