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Collegiate Church

University church & event venue

Visit one of the most spectacular churches of Austria – the Collegiate Church Salzburg

The Collegiate Church of Salzburg is among the most important Baroque churches of Austria and is a popular venue for art, culture and music.

Discover the collegiate church and other highlights of Salzburg in 48 hours!


Originally, the Collegiate Church was built as part of the University of Salzburg, which was founded in 1620. Under the famous architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, construction of the Baroque structure lasted from 1694 until 1707.

The Collegiate Church has a rich history of misappropriation to look back on. During the occupation of Salzburg by Napoleonic troops, the church was used as depot for hay. When the university was closed during the Bavarian rule of Salzburg in 1810, the church also lost its original purpose as university church. During the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, it served as a school building and garrison church. In 1922, it was used as a venue for theatre performances during the Salzburg Festival.

Today, the church is under monument protection and UNESCO world heritage as part of the historic centre of the city of Salzburg.


Architecture of the Collegiate Church Salzburg

The Collegiate Church Salzburg is one of the main works of Baroque architect Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach. The structure became a model for many other late Baroque churches in the Austria and southern Germany. A special feature of this church is its interior design: every wall and all decorative elements are white and there are no paintings as not to distract from the overall architectural impression.

The four side chapels are dedicated to the four university faculties of medicine, theology, law, and philosophy.


Art, drama and music

Because of its sparingly decorated, light interior, as well as its acoustics and organ, the Collegiate Church is a popular venue for concerts, theatre performances and art exhibitions. Already in 1922, during the third run of the Salzburg Festival, the Collegiate Church served as the venue for the premiere of “Das Salzburger große Welttheater” by Hugo von Hofmannsthal. The church has since hosted many concerts and theatre performances of the Salzburg Festival.

FAQs Collegiate Church Salzburg

There is a total of 27 churches in the municipal area of Salzburg.

The church can be visited free of charge during opening hours without a ticket. For events, booking may be necessary.

More information on tours is available here.

Many music, culture and art events take place in the Collegiate Church throughout the year. Check out the schedule here

The Collegiate Church is open to the public daily from 9.00 am to 8.00 pm.

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