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The Holy Trinity Church Salzburg

An architectural wonder by Fischer von Erlach

Visit the Holy Trinity Church in Salzburg

The museum's exhibitions include: The objects of the Cathedral treasure: liturgical utensils and vestments from the 12th - 18th centuries. The most prominent exhibits are the Eucharistic dove (Limoges, 1st quarter of the 13th century) and the jewel-studded monstrance (court goldsmith Ferdinand Sigmund Amende, 1697).

Loan exhibits from the archdiocesan estate, in particular the "Rupertuskreuz" or St. Rupert's crucifix (8th century) from Bischofshofen and a winged altar with relics, the so-called Grillinger altar (1443) from Mariapfarr.

Sculptures and paintings from the 15th - 18th centuries from the cultural circle of Salzburg's Cathedral Chapter and archbishopric. A series of Gothic sculptures, a Madonna with child by Michael Pacher and Baroque oil paintings by Johann Michael Rottmayr and Paul Troger deserve special mention.The "Art and Rarities Collection" which is installed as a self-contained ensemble in the southern Cathedral arches.

In 1974 a collection was set up in the original cabinets that Archbishop Guidobald Graf Thun had made for this room in 1663 by supplementing the show-cases with new objects collected from the 1805 inventory lists, providing an overall impression of 17th century curiosities.Aside from the permanent inventory housed in the building, the Cathedral museum also holds special annual exhibitions on specific themes of art and church history. In 1996 the focus will be on St. Rupert, an important figure for Salzburg and far beyond.

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