Trapp Family Lodge in spring © Trapp Family

Trapp Family Lodge

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The Trapp Family Lodge

In 1942, the Trapp family bought a large farm in Vermont, in a countryside very similar to the Austrian landscape near Salzburg that they missed. The house they lived in was called "Cor Unum", which means "one heart".

When their singing career came to an end, after nearly twenty years of concerts in over thirty countries, they turned their big Austrian chalet into a lodge. In December 1980, their lodge burned to the ground. The future loomed before them-and they immediately planned to rebuild. The new Trapp Family Lodge is built for the future with the flavor of the past.

A logical outgrowth of the Lodge and its rebuilding has been the Family Guest House program. Offered on a timeshare basis, the guest houses have helped the Trapp family to avoid disappointing the many people who are unable to get reservations in the limited number of lodge rooms. Guest house ownership assures accomodations at your favorite place when you want it.

In 2010 the first brewery was opened by the Trapp Family in a retrofitted bakery and after the good response they built a new innovative brewery.

You can read the following bulletin when you visit the Trapp Family Lodge:


"A little Austria, a lot of Vermont"TM

After fleeing Austria in 1938, our family toured the world as the Trapp Family Singers. The mountains of Vermont were reminiscent of Austria, and we bought our hilltop farm here in 1942. In 1950 we began hosting skiers during the winter, and the family home evolved into the Trapp Family Lodge. In the late 1960s I returned to manage the hotel with my mother Maria. We created the first commercial cross-country ski resort in the Americas in 1968, and began adding to the family´s land holdings. After a fire destroyed the oridinal Lodge in 1980, we built the new hotel, re-opening in 1983. Today the Trapp Family Lodge has 2,500 acres that provide world-class cross country skiing, mountain biking, hiking, and serenity in one of the most beautful locations in Vermont. Our resort is still owned and managed by my children an me.

For decades I dreamed of brewing crisp, clean craft lagers like the ones we tasted on trips back to Austria. In 2010, we opened our first humble brewery in a retrofitted bakery, and the reponse tor our beer was tremendous. We built a new innovative bewery, with a Rolec brewhouse from Bavaria, and now distribute our beer throughout the northeast. Our beers have won multiple awards, and have helped drive the return of craft-brewed lagers in the United States.

We hope you enjoy our beer, and your experience here at the Trapp Family Lodge. Prost!

Johannes von Trapp