Trapp couple in Vermont
Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe

In 1941, the Trapp family bought a large farm in Vermont, in a countryside very similar to the Austrian landscape near Salzburg that they missed. The house they lived in was called "Cor Unum", which means "one heart".


When their singing career came to an end, after nearly twenty years of concerts in over thirty countries, they turned their big Austrian chalet into a lodge. In December 1980, their lodge burned to the ground. The future loomed before them-and they immediately planned to rebuild. The new Trapp Family Lodge is built for the future with the flavor of the past.


A logical outgrowth of the Lodge and its rebuilding has been the Family Guest House program. Offered on a timeshare basis, the guest houses have helped the Trapp family to avoid disappointing the many people who are unable to get reservations in the limited number of lodge rooms. Guest house ownership assures accomodations at your favorite place when you want it.


You've never been to Stowe, Vermount? Then you should at least visit the Trappfamily's Website, to experience the original Trapp family Lodge.