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Advent season in Salzburg

The Christmas Markets in Salzburg have recently been listed amongst the ten most beautiful markets in the world. Discover the various markets in the city, let yourself be enticed by the Christmassy flavours and explore the city of Salzburg during one of the most lovely seasons.

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The main market will be opened daily from the first Advent weekend. Further markets in the city of Salzburg are to be found at the Fortress Hohensalzburg (all advent weekends from Friday to Sunday from 10 am - 7 pm) and the Sternadvent in the Stern Passage (daily from 17th November till 6th January) . Worthy of mention are also the markets in the suburbs like at St. Leonhard or at St. Jakob, which are also opened just on the weekends.


Another highlight during this special season are the traditional Advent Concerts. The most famous one is the Original Salzburger Adventsingen at the Großes Festspielhaus (Great Festival Hall), associated with famous names like Tobi Reiser or Karl Heinrich Waggerl. You will also find these contemplative Advent concerts in various churches and other venues. Here a list of the most important, you can easily book your tickets online.


Travelling to Salzburg during the Advent time, you will get to see an old tradition - Krampuslaufen! These processions take place in the various locations. Krampus are devils, wild companions of St Nicholas, wearing atrocious masks with horns and dessed in shaggy skins with cowbells strapped around their waists. In December a group of them run round the large Christmas Market at the Cathedral Square. St Nicholas brings presents for all good children! Don't get to scared when you hear the Krampus bells - only the naughty will be punished!


A similar figure to the Krampus is the Percht. These haunt rural areas in the Raunächte - the twelve nights after Christmas. With demonic noise of bells and loud yelling they run through the streets and lanes to drive out the winter season. Whoever gets hit or patted on the head by a Percht will have lots of luck in the next year!
The most beautiful Perchten Lauf procession is on January 6th - the venue rotates between the villages Bad Hofgastein / Bad Gastein at Gastein Valley, Altenmarkt, St. Johann and Bischofshofen.


Another tradition in Austria, which now is found mainly in the rural areas, is the "Anklöckeln". A group of singers tramp from house to house and sing traditional carols, wishing all the best for the New Year.


Get a taste of this contemplative and romantic time of the year and book your short-break in Salzburg!