Contemplative advent music for your Christmas time

Salzburg Advent concerts

Original Salzburg Adventsinging
Advent serenades Salzburg

In Salzburg you are spoilt for choice - you can visit the traditional Original Salzburger Adventsingen at the Great Festival Hall (Großes Festspielhaus), the Salzburger Advent as well as smaller performances like the Advent Serenades or the Advent concerts at St. Peter's Abbey.


Although the venues and programmes vary, they all treat you to traditional Austrian carols and Christmas music. In Austria these are sung in private homes during the Advent season, all children learn them at school.


Let the harmonies enchant you and feel like a small child again, waiting with shining eyes to see the decorated Christmas tree.


You can contact our concert specialist Ms Christine Dirnberger for any questions, she will provide all information you might need, or just book the concert tickets online on our website.