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A roundtrip in a historic realm


View of Berchtesgaden
Salt mines at Berchtesgaden

It is generally believed that Berchtesgaden was always part of Bavaria, but in fact the little Bavarian city belonged to the principality of Salzburg in the 14th and 19th century. But there were often squabbles and even once a war over salt between the neighbouring cities.


To give you better understanding of the historical importance of this region as well as acquainting you with the beautiful landscapes, we offer an all year Berchtesgaden tour as well as a Salt Mines Tour. In the summer months you can also visit the Eagles Nest, Hitler's conference house and a reminder of World War II.


On our roundtrip to Berchtesgaden you pass the Austrian-German border at Marktschellenberg and enjoy the first highlight driving up to the Obersalzberg. This is where Hitler's second seat of government stood, today there is a documentation centre, reminding us of the horrors of the Nazi regime. Then the drive continues to Lake Königsee - the "King's lake" an idyllic lake nestling in the mountains. The deep blue water and the steep rocks remind you of a picture postcard. Enjoy a lovely cup of coffee or a freshly brawn Bavarian beer. A boat ride to St. Bartolomew and back is unfortunately not possible due to the time frame - if you would like to book a private tour we cerainly can include this romantic boat ride. After this stop we drive on to the little market town of Berchtesgaden that you can now explore on foot.


Salzburg Panorama Tours offers this round trip daily at 2.00 pm and it can also be booked online.


An adventure in the Bavarian alps not to be missed, is a tour to the Berchtesgaden salt ines. Explore the world of the underground mines with an expert guide and learn more about the hard life of the early miners. You will feel part of the mining world when you are allowed to wear the original miners' protective overall and dive into the underground world on the miners train.

Here you will hear exciting and interesting information on salt mining, which has been taking place in this tunnel system for more than 490 years. And the two miners' slides will provide lots of fun. A romantic boat ride over the underground salt lake is the crowning finish.


This round trip is perfect for all ages and is available all year round. Especially to be recommended in bad weather or wintery conditions. The tour departs daily at 8.45 and at 2.00 pm


A highlight during the summer months is the excursion to the Kehlsteinhaus (Eagle's Nest), perched on a mountain spur called Kehlstein. This mountain impressive granite stone building was built as a conference and representation centre, a present from the infamous NSDAP party for Hitler's 50th birthday and is kept today as a reminder of the dark history.


But this is not only an excursion for those interested in history - perched at a height of 6052 feet offers stunning views of the surrounding alpine region. Here you will receive all further information on this special site.


This round trip runs mid May to end October daily at 8.45 am and can be booked online in advance!