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Famous movie locations from the 60ies

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Mondsee, Sound of Music Location
St. Wolfgang, Weisses Rössl Location

Salzburg is not only the birth place of the musical genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, not only world famous for its fascinating history - no, it is also the home of the "Sound of Music", one of the most famous films of all times.


No one would have thought at that time, that this movie, which was filmed in Salzburg and the surrounding countryside in 1964 would become such a hit. The numbers of visitors to Mozart's city increased rapidly, currently over 300.000 guests come to Salzburg just to see the film locations.


The story of our "Sound of Music Tour" began in 1967 as the first tourists traveled to Salzburg after having seen the film in the USA. They were looking for the film locations, and as our drivers were the ones who chauffeured the actors and the film team, they had many anecdotes to share.


Following in the steps of Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer you will not only be shown the locations, but you will gain insight as to why the film and the musical were written. The Trapp family really exists - and they lived in the Salzburg!


If you would like to join this 4 hour tour through Salzburg and the lake district called "Salzkammergut" you can book the ticket online or give us a call. The round trip starts at 9.15 am and 2.00 pm.


Another highlight in the "Salzkammergut", famous amongst the whole German speaking world is the "Weisse Rössl", the white horse inn on the lake Wolfgangsee. It was made famous by a 1960 film with Peter Alexander. Our Salzkammergut tour gives you the chance to discover all the facets of this crystal clear blue lake.


But the White Horse Inn is not the only attraction; a romantic boat ride across the lake is included during the summer months (May to October). Our expert guides will take you to the pilgrimage church of Saint Wolfgang in the village of St. Wolfgang, where you can admire the famous tryptic altar carved in the 15th century by the painter and sculptor Michael Pacher.


In the village of St. Gilgen, situated on the western shores of the Wolfgangsee you discover more historic traces of the Mozart family. The genius' mother, Anna Maria Walpurga Mozart nee Pertl was born here in 1720, in what is now called Mozart's house. Today this house is a museum dedicated to the memory of his sister Nannerl. To round off the tour we enjoy views of the lake Krottensee, shrouded in legend, and the expanses of the Mondsee on our way back to Salzburg.


Book this tour now online! It starts daily at 2.00 pm. In the winter months, when the boat doesn't run, we invite you to coffee and cake in a traditional village cafe.