Hallstatt im Sommer mit Spiegelung im Hallstätter See, ideal für eine Tour mit Panorama Tours

Hallstatt Half-Day Tour - Salzburg to Salzkammergut - Tour 6

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Discover the most beautiful sights of Hallstatt!

This Hallstatt Tour from Salzburg takes you to the picturesque world-famous town between Lake Hallstatt and the steep slopes of the Dachstein Massif.

Located right on the shores of Lake Hallstatt, this small town is considered one of the most beautiful lake side villages in the world. Not only does it captivate with its fabulous idyllic & fairytale-like atmosphere, Hallstatt also has a rich history that dates back to the Neolithic Age. 

Panorama Tours will take you to the magical place in the Austrian Salzkammergut - this guided Hallstatt bus tour from Salzburg is a perfect daytrip all around the year.

Our Hallstatt Tour from Salzburg takes the direct route to Hallstatt. The drive through picturesque towns such as Fuschl, St. Gilgen and Strobl takes around 1.5 hours. During our 2.5 hours stay in Hallstatt you can explore the town at your own leisure. The trip back to Salzburg takes us through Gosau, Russbach and Abtenau.

The picturesque town can be explored on foot during your stay, and the history and sights offer a glimpse into the culture of the Salzkammergut region between Salzburg and Upper Austria.

Numerous archeological finds prove that humans have settled here for over 7,000 years since the Neolithic Age. The area has been populated continually since then. As early as 2000 BC salt was mined in Hallstatt. Further expansion of the salt mining over the following centuries led to a first economic golden age around 800 BC. The large burial ground in the Hochtal attests to the wealth of this era. A few decades after its discovery the period between 800 and 400 BC was renamed “Hallstatt Period”.

In 1997 Hallstatt and its surrounding area the Salzkammergut was declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO.

In 2012 Hallstatt again went through the media after it became known that a hair exact replica of the town of Hallstatt exists in southern China.

  1. Explore Hallstatt on foot

    The charming little town of Hallstatt is best explored on a walking tour. The narrow streets and quaint houses exude their own flair and allow visitors to experience the magic of Alpine culture firsthand.

    The best place to start your Hallstatt walking tour is at the Lahner Steg, a small lookout point, right next to the bus parking lot. From the footbridge you can enjoy a great view of the water, the town and often the swans of Hallstatt.

    From the parking lot, follow Seestraße and walk between old, charming houses and lakeside promenade. On the Seestraße you will find, among other things, a boat rental and small stores with souvenirs and typical food. 

    At the end of the Seestraße you will reach the market place, which offers the heart of Hallstatt, also the famous boat of the Hallstatt Schifffahrt docks here. From the market square, Gosaumühlstrasse leads past the cemetery & church to the famous lookout point, which offers a beautiful view of the whole town.

  2. The famous “Bone House” in Hallstatt

    Don’t miss out on the “Bone House” right next to the catholic church and make it the highlight of your Hallstatt Tour! It is the only one of its kind around the world. The small building dates back to the 16th century and houses over 600 skulls and bones of Hallstatt citizens. The local cemetery is so small that the remains of deceased persons are exhumed after 20 to 30 years to make space. Their bones and skull are then bleached, painted and placed in the Bone House. During a visit to the Beinhaus you will learn exciting insights into the culture of the small town.

  3. Ride with the Electric Boat on the Hallstatt Lake

    Rent an electric boat and go on a boat tour on Lake Hallstatt to get a different view of the picturesque town from the lake’s surface.

  4. Viewing Platform "World Heritage View"

    If you prefer a bird’s eye perspective make sure to take the funicular up to the Skywalk – an observation deck 1,100 ft. above the roofs of Hallstatt. Enjoy the breath-taking views of Hallstatt and Lake Hallstatt.

  5. Experience the History of Hallstatt

    Those interested in history will enjoy a visit to the World Heritage Museum Hallstatt. It houses an impressive collection of archeological finds and historic artifacts from the long history of Hallstatt and its surroundings. Furthermore, the Hallstatt salt mine gives insights into the history of salt mining in die Salzkammergut region.


Please note those sights as listed are not part of our tour.

Therefore, any attraction to be arranged on spot also considering the opening time during off-season.

Find more information on Hallstatt here.

Hallstatt is a destination of most unique historical and cultural significance –  be sure not to miss this hidden gem. Book your tour to Hallstatt from Salzburg!

Hallstatt in summer with reflection in Lake Hallstatt, ideal for a tour with Panorama Tours
Hallstatt in summer with a view of the church from the footpath
walkway at Lake Hallstatt with a bench
Hallstatt - Observation Deck Skywalk 2 © Wolfgang Seifert
© Wolfgang_Seifert
Hallstatt - View of the town and Lake Hallstatt from above - Hallstatt Tour by Salzburg Panorama Tours
© Salzburg Panorama Tours
Hallstatt - old houses in the village on the hillside - Hallstatt Tour by Salzburg Panorama Tours
© Salzburg Panorama Tours
Hallstatt - View of the town, Lake Hallstatt and the surrounding mountains - Hallstatt Tour with Salzburg Panorama Tours
© Salzburg Panorama Tours
Hallstatt - View of the town with the church, next to it Lake Hallstatt and the mountains - Hallstatt Tour with Salzburg Panorama Tours
© Salzburg Panorama Tours
Hallstatt - Couple sitting in restaurant by the lake drinking coffee - Hallstatt Tour with Salzburg Panorama Tours
© Salzburg Panorama Tours
Hallstatt - Couple in front of Hallstatt scenery with Hallstatt lake and mountains - Hallstatt Tour with Salzburg Panorama Tours
© Salzburg Panorama Tours
Hallstatt - Couple in front of sign World Heritage View - Hallstatt Tour with Salzburg Panorama Tours
© Salzburg Panorama Tours
Hallstatt - Couple stands at the Skywalk World Heritage View with panoramic view of the mountains - Hallstatt Tour with Salzburg Panorama Tours
© Salzburg Panorama Tours
Hallstatt - Couple standing at the Skywalk World Heritage View looking at Lake Hallstatt and the surrounding mountains - Hallstatt Tour with Salzburg Panorama Tours
© Salzburg Panorama Tours
Hallstatt - Bone House 3 © Wolfgang Seifert
© Wolfgang Seifert
Hallstatt in winter with view of Salzberg on platform
The centre of Hallstatt: the village square in the middle of town

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FAQs Hallstatt Tour

Hallstatt is located right next to Lake Hallstatt in the region Salzkammergut in the federal state Upper Austria, Austria. The distance from Salzburg is approximately 70 km, 290 km from Vienna.

Hallstatt is a small village located in the Salzkammergut region of Austria. Overall, Hallstatt's combination of history, culture, and natural beauty has made it a famous and highly-regarded destination. It is famous for several reasons:

  1. Rich History: Hallstatt is known for its rich history, as it has been inhabited since the early Iron Age. The village is named after the Hallstatt culture, which was a prehistoric culture that flourished in Europe from about 800 BC to 500 BC.
  2. Salt Mine: Hallstatt is also famous for its salt mine, which has been in operation since prehistoric times. Salt was a valuable commodity in ancient times, and the salt mine in Hallstatt was one of the most important sources of salt in Europe.
  3. UNESCO World Heritage Site: In 1997, Hallstatt was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site. The village is recognized for its unique cultural heritage, which includes its well-preserved architecture and its role as a center of salt mining and metalworking.
  4. Scenic Beauty: Hallstatt is located on the shores of a beautiful lake and surrounded by stunning mountain scenery. Its picturesque setting has made it a popular destination for tourists from around the world.

Hallstatt offers many sights and attractions, such as Lake Hallstatt, the famous "Bone House", the observation deck Skywalk, the Hallstatt museum, etc.

Due to the high numbers of visitors to Salzburg, it is inconvenient to visit the village with your private vehicle. Avoid parking chaos, especially on the weekends and during school holidays, by booking your Hallstatt tour with Salzburg Panorama Tours. Enjoy a worry-free and comfortable journey to and from Hallstatt with our tour!

In 2012, an exact replica of the Austrian town Hallstatt was opened in the South China province Guangdong - more precisely in the city Luoyang in the district of Boluo. The construction of the replica cost over 900 million USD.

This tour allows for a stay of 2.5 hours in Hallstatt. Should you be interested in a longer stay, consider our private full-day tour to Hallstatt.

Please note, that there is no guided tour through Hallstatt. However, your guide will be happy to arrange a visit to the Skywalk for you.

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