Vienna - view to Hofburg and Burggarten © Wien Tourismus | Christian Stemper

Hofburg Vienna

Imperial Palace

Up to 1918, the center of the vast empire of the Habsburg dynasty

They developed the area - once envisioned as a great "Imperial Forum" - from the "Old Palace", dating from the thirteenth century, to the most recent part, dating from the time around 1900. Today, one finds more than two dozen top museum collections. In addition, there are cafés, restaurants, squares, and parks. Welcome tot he imperial stroll through history, arts & delights... Welcome to the Imperial Palace.

Enjoy Imperial Ambiance
Cafés and restaurants between the imperial residence and the art palace: enjoy with Arts & Delights

The Imperial Apartments

Sisi Museum

Imperial Silver Collection

Look into the control center of the former Habsburg monarchy...

Spanish Riding School
The Spanish Riding School in Vienna is the only institution in the world where the art of classical riding of the High School has been retained from the Renaissance to the present day.

Museum of Fine Arts
Experience Bruegel's "Farm Wedding" in the largest Bruegel collection in the world. Visit Raphael, Rembrandt, Rubens, Tinoretto, van Dyck, Dürer, Holbein, Titian and other great masters

Imperial Court Chapel
Celebrate High Mass in the historic ambiance of the Imperial Court Chapel - with the Vienna Court Music Orchestra, the Vienna's Boys' Choir, members of the orchestrea of the Vienna State Opera...

The most imporant treasure chamber in the world is something truly amazing: here, in the oldest part of the Imperial Palace, you find not only the imperial crown of the Holy Roman Empire...

Founded in 1776, the Albertina is the most visited museum in Vienna and one of the most eminent museums in the world. It houses the renowned collection of Duke Herzog Albert von Saxe-Teschen.

National Library, Grand Hall
Visit what has been called the most beautiful library room in the world - the baroque book room of the former Court Library, called the State Hall.

Hofburg Vienna (Congress Center)
The prevailing mood at the Hofburg Congress Center, located in parts of the Old Imperial Palace, the New Imperial Palace and the Leopold Wing is one of elegance.

Museum of Natural History
The Museum of Natural History, designed by Gottfried Semper and Carl Hasenauer, was opened in 1889; since that time, it presents treasures from all realms of natural history.

Butterfly House & Palm House
One of Europe's most beautiful art nouveau palm houses, erected in 1905, has been transformed into rainforest in the center of the city...

Collection of Ancient Music Instruments
Where do you find the zither on which Anton Karas played his melody to "The Third Man"? It is exhibited in the Collection of Ancient Musical Instruments.

Ephesus Museum
The grandeur and splendor of the old Ephesus (Turkey) in the center of the neo-baroque architecture (2000 years younger!) of this part of the Imperial Palace: an attractive contrast.

Collection of Arms and Armor
The artfully decorated arms, suits of armor and saddles in the Armory in the Imperial Palace bear witness to many centuries of European history.

Museum of Ethnology
Where the Habsburg emperors once ruled many nations, today one finds many objects from foreign cultures and much information on exotic peoples at the Ethnological Museum...

Papyrus Museum
In the largest collection of papyri in the world, daily life in ancient Egypt comes alive again...

Church of the Augustinian Friars
The great masses by Mozart, Haydn and Schubert are performed regularly in the church services of the Augustinian church.

Globe and Esperanto Museum
At the renovated Palais Mollard, you can view the only Globe Museum in the world as well as the Esperanto Museum

Austrian Film Museum
In the most "invisible cinema", topical and monographical retrospectives are presented...

Austrian Theater Museum
The history of the theater is conveyed at the Austrian Theater Museum complemented by exhibitions from its enormous collection...

The MuseumsQuartier, MQ for short, is among the ten largest cultural complexes in the world. With its many attractions, bars and restaurants, it provides a perfect mixture of arts & Delights.

Vienna - view to Hofburg and Burggarten © Wien Tourismus | Christian Stemper
© Wien Tourismus | Christian Stemper
Vienna - Hofburg, Michaelerkuppel dome © WienTourismus | Peter Rigaud
© WienTourismus | Peter Rigaud
Vienna - Hofburg © WienTourismus | Christian Stemper
© WienTourismus | Christian Stemper