Explore with us the "Country of Castles".


We will head east of Vienna to the oldest remnants of this region - the Roman settlement of Carnuntum & Petronell. Two excavation sites of Amphietheaters and foundations of stone buildings as well as a palace and the only surface ruin of the Roman original this far north of Rome indicating one of the largest settlements within the Roman Empire.


From there it is only a short distance to the most original house of birth of Joseph Hadyn. Past an attractive palace of noble family (Harrach) we are driving through the wine region and on to Rust, a lovely Hungarian style town, located on a prairie lake 49 km long and 15 km wide and only 6 feet deep all the way across. Hit this in the right season and you will have a lot of storks nesting on top of smoke stacks (on wheels). Wine tasting and good Hungarian food...


We will continue a few miles to the Hungarian border past Moerbisch. Return towards Vienna and view the Roman quarry of St. Margarethen where they broke stones to build Vienna since Roman days. Then there is Eisenstadt the former residence of Haydn's promoters, the Esterhazys and their palace. One hour more and you are back in Vienna.