A short distance outside Vienna we will arrive at Kreuzenstein, a replica of a medieval fortress built around 27.000 pieces on antiques - impressive and worth touring through.


After about 45 minutes we will arrive at Krems, more than 1000 years old with the status "city" - a very attractive dual town with Stein as the "gate" to the actual Danube Valley. From here - quite spectacularly on top of a hill - there is the view of Goettweig monastery (Benedictine).


A few miles from here we arrive at Duernstein - the town where they held Richard the Lion Hearted of England for ransom (12th century). A walled "city" (status) of very medieval character worth a stop and walk. Along the riverbanks through the valley with beautiful sight of the vineyards on the slopes and a number of ruins of fortresses on the top of the hills and through the quaint villages of Weissenkirchen and Spitz we will arrive at Melk and definitely take time to visit the Monastery, mainly the marble hall, library and church - unforgettable.


A boat ride (1,5 hrs) and alternative routes are at your disposal.