Let us show you the "other Vienna".


With our comfortable limousine we shall see some former residences of musicians such as Johann Strauss, Franz Schubert and Ludwig van Beethoven, pass through the former hunting grounds of the Habsburgs the Prater which includes the old amusement park with Vienna's "Eiffel Tower" - the "Ferries Wheel".


After crossing over the Danube River via Imperial Bridge thre is the more recently developed part of Vienna "Vienna 2000", the United Nations' buildings, the Danube Park and Island and the "Millenium Tower" in sight.


A short drive on the Highway will take us to the former residence of the Habsburgs' predecessors, the abbey of Klosterneuburg (1000 year old altar of Verdun). From there on the Hills of the Vienna Woods, you will have a spectacular view over the City of Vienna. On the way back to the city we shall be passing through the famous wine willage of Grinzing.