The Vienna Prater is entertaining and exciting, but it can also be relaxing and quiet. One part of it contains attractions ranging from a nostalgic merry-go-round to an ultra-modern roller coaster. In the other area, known as the “Green Prater,” one finds widespread meadows to lie on, shady trees, and quiet paths. The motto is to have fun and enjoy yourself ...

The most famous attraction of the Vienna Prater is the Wiener Riesenrad, the Giant Ferris Wheel. Since 1897, one is carried upwards at a leisurely pace. In 2008, the square in front of the Riesenrad was redesigned. Now the entry area to the amusement part of the Prater has become an adventure world, reminiscent of the Prater of the time around 1900: The traditional "Stadtgasthaus Eisvogel" serves award-winning Viennese cuisine. The "Salamucci" tempts visitors with typical nostalgic Viennese dishes, the "Miraculum" offers stimulating magic art and the flight simulator "Vienna Airlines" conveys exciting impressions. This newly created square is especially pretty during the evening, when lights in all colors of the rainbow create a dreamlike backdrop.

Somewhat faster "vehicles" than the Giant Ferris Wheel are available nowadays for cheerful aerial rides - with speed to match the times. For example, the Turbo Boost and Bungee Jump, Ejection Seat and Space Shot provide extreme thrills of speed. And the world's largest, 117-meter-high chairoplane, the Prater Tower, spins its visitors through the air at 38 mph and offers a fabulous view over the city. While you take the good old Hochschaubahn and the no less nostalgic ghost train in relative comfort. For the younger ones, the Ice Mountain has been opened - an interactive ride to polar bears, penguins and more. And the Black Mamba swirls passengers through the air at 80 km/h. In the biggest discotheque in Austria, the Praterdome, a pure party atmosphere awaits dance enthusiasts on Riesenradplatz.


Many Different Views with the Miniature Train “Liliputbahn”

Much fun and excitement can be had with auto-drome rinks, go-carts, motor boats, trampolines, ghost houses, a flying carpet, a crazy house and maze, arcades, cinemas and merry-go-rounds, a flower wheel, theater, miniature golf, shooting galleries, swings, and slides.
The “Liliputbahn” takes you around the Prater to exciting views, the Theater im Prater conveys dramatic situations, and the Prater Museum takes you into the world of yesteryear and the Planetarium into the realm of the stars. The Prater is a special attraction for small children: merry-go-rounds and the Old Viennese Grotto Ride entice them as much as the children’s highway, the mini-drome, an air castle and a Riesenrad especially for children.