Seeking traces at Imperial Coach Collection

Trailing Sisi

Trailing Sisi
Imperial Coach Collection Schönbrunn

Sensational cult objects for Sisi fans from around the world are presented by the Sisi Trail through the Imperial Coach Collection at Schönbrunn, which traces the life of the popular Empress Elisabeth, from her wedding to her tragic death, through her coaches and unique keepsakes.

The carriage in which she was introduced as the imperial bride is shown, as are the enchanting carriages of her children, or the breathtaking golden imperial carriage, in which she was driven to her coronation in Budapest; the carriage in which the legendary empress was riding just before her assassination in Geneva is also exhibited. At the end of this series of carriages is the imposing black hearse in which Sisi was carried to her grave.

The only existing saddle of the empress and her splendid black riding outfit can also be seen in the exhibition as well as the train of her bridal dress which was embroidered with real gold and silver. Paintings and unique objects from her personal possessions as well as portraits of her favorite horses are also shown: the empress was considered the best horsewoman of her time.


Imperial Coach Collection

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