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Hitlers Eagle’s Nest including guided tour with Panorama Tours

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From Salzburg you can easily reach this popular destination with our historical Kehlsteinhaus Tour. The so-called “Eagle’s Nest” offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the Alps and the neighbouring city of Salzburg at an altitude of 1,834 meters (6,017 ft).  Find out more about this original National Socialist representative building, which now houses a restaurant.

Eagle’s Nest: history & nature in one place

Explore the fascinating history of the Eagle’s Nest on an unforgettable tour! The Eagle’s Nest, also known as the "Eagle's Nest," was built in the 1930s on the summit of the Kehlstein in the Bavarian Alps. Originally designed as a gift for Adolf Hitler, the Eagle’s Nest offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Today, the historic building is used as a restaurant and viewpoint and offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the eventful past and enjoy the beauty of the Berchtesgaden Alps. The Kehlsteinhaus is located on the Kehlstein. This is a secondary peak of the Göll in the Berchtesgaden Alps.

Book your tour with Panorama Tours today and discover the unique history of the Eagle’s Nest and the majestic landscape that surrounds it.

In case the Eagle’s Nest is closed for any reasons,  the tour will include a visit to the Obersalzberg Documentation Center/ bunkers instead.

The Eagle’s Nest Tour takes the route from Mirabell Square in Salzburg via the Alpenstraße to neighboring Bavaria and finally to the Obersalzberg. Upon arrival, you change to specifically equipped busses that take you up the 6.5km (4 miles) long and 4m (12ft) wide road with a gradient of 22%. The last stretch to the Eagle’s Nest consists of a 124m (406ft) long tunnel through solid rock and a sumptuously decorated elevator, which takes 41 seconds to go up the 124m (406ft) to the interior of the Eagle’s Nest.

Enjoy the striking views of the Alps from the Eagle’s Nest plateau at 1,834 m (406 ft) elevation. Discover alpine flora and fauna and enjoy the view at the summit cross, close by.

Before we get back on route to Salzburg, we stop at Berchtesgaden where you get the chance to explore this picturesque town.

The road leading to the Eagle’s Nest is a feat of architectural mastery. It was blasted into the solid rock of the mountain over a period of only 13 months. The elevation difference of 800m (2625ft) is covered with only a single switchback and 5 tunnels. The design of this road is unique around the world.

Construction of the Eagle’s Nest with its metre-thick foundation walls was finished after only 13 months in 1938. It was one of the most elaborate construction projects during the Third Reich. The building is located on a spur just beneath the summit of Kehlstein Mountain at an elevation of 1,834m (6017ft).

Initially, the Eagle’s Nest was intended to fulfill representational purposes and was a gift to Adolf Hitler for his 50th birthday. Hitler however visited the Eagle’s Nest only a few times.

Except for the Eagle’s Nest, only few “authentic” buildings of the Third Reich are preserved to this day. The Eagle’s Nest was not hit during the airstrike on 25th April 1945 and still exists in its original form today.

Its name was coined by a French diplomat who supposedly gave the building the nickname “Eagle’s Nest”.

Today, the building is used as a mountain inn. The restaurant boasts a unique panoramic view of the Berchtesgaden mountains and the area around Salzburg. Additionally, it is a reminder of the horrors and human abysses of the Nazi dictatorship under Adolf Hitler.

 The Eagles Nest with a panoramic view over the mountains of Berchtesgaden
Tour to Eagle's Nest - panoramic view © Salzburg Panorama Tours
© Salzburg Panorama Tours
Tour to Eagle's Nest - couple enjoys view © Salzburg Panorama Tours
© Salzburg Panorama Tours
Eagles Nest Berchtesgaden - Couple sitting on a bench and enjoying the view over the Bavarian Alps - Eagle's Nest Tour by Salzburg Panorama Tours
© Salzburg Panorama Tours
Tour to Eagle's Nest - panoramic view © Salzburg Panorama Tours
© Salzburg Panorama Tours
Couple marvels at the famous golden elevator in the Eagles Nest Berchtesgaden - Eagles Nest Tour with Salzburg Panorama Tours
© Salzburg Panorama Tours
Tour to Eagle's Nest - famous fireplace © Salzburg Panorama Tours
© Salzburg Panorama Tours
View from Eagle's Nest © Wolfgang Seifert
© Wolfgang Seifert
Eagle's Nest - tunnel © Wolfgang Seifert
© Wolfgang Seifert
Bird's eye view of the Eagles Nest in the mountains of Berchtesgaden © Wolfgang Seifert
Eagle's Nest © Wolfgang Seifert
© Wolfgang Seifert
View from Eagles Nest to lake Königssee © Wolfgang Seifert
© Wolfgang Seifert
Kehlsteinhaus - Kamin © Wolfgang Seifert
© Wolfgang Seifert
Aerial photography Eagles Nest © Wolfgang Seifert
© Wolfgang Seifert
Telephone in the golden elevator to the Eagles Nest in Berchtesgaden - on the Eagles Nest Tour by Salzburg Panorama Tours
© Salzburg Panorama Tours

FAQs Eagle's Nest Tour

Since 1952, the road to the Eagle’s Nest has been closed for private traffic. Only special public transport buses operate on this road.

Book our Eagle’s Nest Tour and enjoy the perks of the Skip the line tickets. Enjoy a carefree and convenient trip with our services – we do the planning for you!

Alternatively, the Eagle’s Nest can also be visited as part of a hike to the Eagle’s Nest.

Depending on weather and snow conditions, the Eagle’s Nest is open between early May and the end of October.

During the winter months the Eagle’s Nest is closed.


The Eagle's Nest was built as a gift to Adolf Hitler for his 50th birthday, intended to serve as a prestigious retreat and a place to entertain dignitaries and state guests. Funded by the Nazi Party, its construction was part of a larger plan to consolidate power by creating monumental structures that reflected the regime's strength and Hitler's personal dominance. Despite its grand design and strategic location atop the Kehlstein mountain in the Bavarian Alps, Hitler seldom visited the site, reportedly due to his discomfort with heights. Today, it stands as a reminder of a dark period in history, attracting visitors from around the world as a museum and educational site.

Yes, there is a short guided tour through the building.

Yes, the entrance fee to the Eagle's Nest is included in the tour price.

No, the tour includes Skip the Line tickets, so there is no waiting time.

Adolf Hitler made several visits to the Eagle's Nest throughout his tenure as the head of National Socialist Germany. This site was presented to Hitler by the NSDAP on the occasion of his 50th birthday and functioned as a distinguished venue for hosting state guests. Primarily, Hitler utilized the Eagle's Nest for relaxation and confidential discussions with his inner circle. It is documented that he commemorated his birthdays at this location and deliberated on significant political matters.

It is important to note that the Eagle’s Nest is not directly linked to the atrocities of World War II or the Holocaust. It was rather a place for Hitler to relax and discuss political matters away from the Berlin seat of government.


Due to the unique construction, it is not possible for the Panorama Tours tour bus to go all the way to the Eagle’s Nest. Please note that on the way to the Eagle’s Nest you will have to transfer from the tour bus to a specially equipped bus to reach the Eagle’s Nest. The tour price includes the ride with the special bus and the entrance to the Kehlsteinhaus. Once you arrive at the Kehlsteinhaus, you will benefit from Skip the Line tickets, which are exclusively for guests of the Panorama Tours Eagle's Nest tour and reduce the waiting time extremely by bringing you directly into the historic building.

In addition, a small guided tour of the Eagle’s Nest is included in the price of the tour, so you will not only enjoy the view, but also learn exciting facts about the building from the Nazi era.

Book your ticket for our Eagle’s Nest tour now and travel comfortably from Salzburg to Obersalzberg!

Please notice:

We are not able to offer a pick-up service from the hotel. Please make your own way to meeting point, 15 min. prior departure.

Only Salzburg Panorama Tours is responsible to schedule the tour vehicles.

Infants up to 4 years are not entitled to their own seat.

This tour may be operated in combination with tour 3A / Salt mines tour.

In case of border controls, please make sure you carry a valid passport!

Pets are not allowed in the tour.

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