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Eagles Nest Tour
Sunset at Eagles Nest

Magnificent View with a Historic Shadow


The construction itself is seen as a marvel of modern technology, the view from high above Berchtesgaden is breathtakingly beautiful. Nevertheless, a shadow lies over the massive house raising itself defiantly above the craggy cliffs: it was a present to Adolf Hitler presented to him on the occasion of his 50th birthday from the Nazi party (National Socialist German Workers' Party). The beauty of nature has fortunately outlived the horrors of war. Today the Eagle's Nest is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Bavaria. Daily, Salzburg Panorama Tours brings visitors from Salzburg to this magnificent vantage point.


The drive to the Eagle's Nest is an adventure in itself. The 6,5 kilometer Kehlsteinstrasse was carved out of the mountain in only 13 months of construction. It travels through five tunnels and negotiates an 800 meter high distance in one single hair-pin turn and the maximale grade is at 22%, until it reaches its end point at almost 1,700 meters above sea level.


From the bus parking lot at the end of the Kehlsteinstrasse, a tunnel cut 124 meters into the massive rock leads to a brass elevator in the middle of the mountain, which surmounts the remaining 124 meters of height to the Eagle's Nest in 41 seconds. From here, a stunning view over Berchtesgaden and Salzburg County opens up in good weather. Those who believe that Hitler himself often enjoyed this view are mistaken. It is assumed that he only visited the Eagle's Nest a total of only about 10 times and political decisions were never made here. The name "Eagle's Nest" does not come from the Nazis, by the way, rather from a French diplomat.


Actually, the Eagle's Nest was originally to be demolished after the war. Fortunately, however, the decision was finally made to keep it as a place of admonishment on one hand, and as a vista from the beauties of nature, on the other. Today one can still see the conferenc room with its marble fireplace - a present from Benito Mussolini to Hitler - and Eva Braun's tea room. During a sightseeing tour with Salzburg Panorama Tours, there is plenty of time to enjoy a cup of tea or possibly even a light lunch in the mountain restaurant. The panorama extending up to 200 kilometers will remain unforgotten!


The tour to the Eagle's Nest is offered daily from May 11th to October 31st. The tour leaves at 8.45 am from Mirabellplatz in Salzburg. If desired, guests can also be picked up at no charge from their hotel within the city of Salzburg. The tour takes 4,5 hours and the price of Euro 53,00 includes the mountain climb with a special bus, as well as the elevator ride.

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