Visit of her home in Salzburg

Maria returns to Salzburg

Maria in front of the Sound of Music Bus
Maria at Gazebo Hellbrunn

Maria von Trapp, with the same name of her mother, has died on February 18th, 2014 and is buried in Vermont. From time to time, she travelled back to her hometown, Salzburg, tracing her childhood dreams and memories because this kind of wonderful feeling could only be found in Salzburg!


Every time she came, she would always have our most wonderful excursion with us.

Below is one letter from Maria von Trapp, and the original handwritten letter can also be seen here.


"The 'Original Sound of Music Tour' arranged by Panorama Tours is something nobody should miss.


You see not only the places used in the film, but you are also taken through the most beautiful part of the land of Salzburg, the 'Salzkammergut' with its lakes and mountains, villages with contrary old churches, and houses profusely decorated with flowers on their balconies.


You hear friendly and witty explanations of places and their histories, as well as of the life of the Trapp Family in several different languages while you lean back on very comfortable seats and let the most beautiful scenery pass by. There are stops on the way where you can stretch your legs, go shopping, re-appear in an Austrian outfit– or get a taste of the finest Austrian 'Kuchen & Torten' or with coffee or have the best 'Wuerstl with Mustard' you can dream of.


Don'’t miss it -– I never do!

Maria von Trapp"