Family Trapp
Captain von Trapp with Maria

The film itself is based on a true story.

Born in Vienna, Maria von Kutschera was living as a novice candidate at the Benedictine Convent on Nonnberg in Salzburg when she was sent by her Mother Superior as a governess to the househould ofBaron Georg Ritter von Trapp to look after his seven children, left motherless after the death of his wife.


In 1927 Maria became the Baron's wife and began the Trapp family's legend. And in the early 30's she founded a family choir with which she undertook frequent public performances whilst they remained in Austria.


After fleeing the country on Hitler's annexation of Austria in 1938, the family, with ten children, had no income other than that drawn from their musical performances, known as "The Trapp Family Singers". Their success in the USA, however, proved sufficient to enable them to settle there and, in 1941, to purchase a farm in Stowe,Vermont, which ultimately became the Trapp Family Lodge.

Today the Trapp Family Lodge is a flourishing hotel, and the great-grandchidren of Capt. Trapp make "New Von Trapp family Singers Climb Every Mountain".