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Vieanna, the 10/01/2012

In 2013 Vienna will be presenting its most valuable treasures: The Art Chamber and Palais Liechtenstein are reopening!


They were reserved for rulers and royalty and were used to store cultural treasures, rarities and technical novelties: the "curiosity and art chambers" of the Renaissance and Baroque era in which the entire knowledge of the time was collected. As early as the 14th Century the Habsburgs started safeguarding their family treasures. The collection continued to grow and today it forms the basic of the Viennese collection. Vienna has waited for ten years for the reopening of the curiosity and art chamber in the Art-History Museum and in February 2013 the public will be able to see for themselves that it was well worth the wait. With more than 2,200 items it is considered one of the most significant art chambers in the world.


The oldest exhibit in Vienna's Art Chamber is the 1,100 year old Carolingian ivory panel depicting the ascension of Christ. The most renowned exhibit on the other hands in Benvenuto Cellini's famous saliera. This extraordinary valuable salt cellar was made in Paris in 1540 and became infamous the world over after being stolen just a few years ago. Further unique exhibits such as the Krumauer Madonna sculpture, valuable antique clocks, delicate and bizar ivory pieces and strange scentific instruments complete this imperial Viennese exhibition.Another architectural jewel will be reopening its doors to the public in the coming year: Liechtenstein Palace, the city palace of the princely family in the heart of the Vienna. For four years no the elaborate Baroque stucco ceilings and beautiful Michael Thonet parquet flooring have been renovated under the watchful eye of the current owner Prince Hans-Adam II von und zu Liechtenstein. In 2013 the palace will reappear in all its former glory.


The Palace, which is widely accepted as the first significant example of Late Baroque architecture in Vienna, will only be open to pre-booked groups or used to host high class events. So if you would like to see the opulent neo-rococo interior, the original furniture and the many works of art you should contact Panorama Tours so that we can arrange your visit or organise your own personal celebratory event.


Music Centre for the Vienna Boys' Choir

Vienna's Augarten can loko back on a very long cultural tradition. On this site, which was originally a small hunting lodge dating back to 1614, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart once conducted his morning concerts. Augarten Palace houses the world famous porcelain manufactory and for decades it has been home to the Vienna Boys' Choir: the choir's boarding school and primary school are located here in Augarten Palace.


In 2013 a new cultural attraction is opening in Augarten. The Vienna Boys' Choir will be giving regular performances, mostly children's operas, in the Augarten Music Centre. The concert hall which seats more than 400 guests is equipped with state-of-the-art technology will help to continue a music tradition that dates back to the imperial courts of the 16th Century where children's opera were regularly instigated. Over the last few years the Boys' Choir has built up a large repetoire of children's operas and their performances ranging from classical operas by Mozart, Weber and Haydn to a tale about pirates and Moby Dick were greeted with great enthusiasm by the public.


Vienna has many well-known but also hidden treasures. The Panorama Tours team is more than happy to put togehter a unique itinerary for you - simply contact us!

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