View to St. Gilgen
The church of Mondsee

Generally speaking, the "Salzkammergut" extends over the entire area of lakes belonging to the Alps and Lower Alps. Three Austrian Provinces, Salzburg, Styria, and Upper Austria, share this unique countryside.


The Salzburg part is not only an area of great beauty but was also a welcome scenery for the Sound of Music producers, such as Fuschl Castle and St.Gilgen, St.Wolfgang and Mondsee.


Fuschl Castle

The Fuschlsee is the first lake you reach when you enter the Salzkammergut from Salzburg. It is said to be the clearest and cleanest of the Salzkammergut lakes and offers great and untouched beaches.


Before you reach the village of Fuschl, a popular summer resort, you pass the Fuschl Castle. It was built as a hunting palace for the archbishops of Salzburg in the 15th century and is a first-class hotel today. It was seen in a aerial view at the beginning of The Sound of Music.


The village of St. Gilgen

St. Gilgen is situated on another popular lake of the Salzkammergut, the Wolfgangsee. Mozart's mother, Anna Pertl, was born here. That is why a little Mozart museum has been set up in the city center.


Village of St. Wolfgang

St. Wolfgang is also situated on Wolfgangsee. Maybe the village is the most beautiful spot in the region, however, for sure it's the most touristy one, especially the lakeside inn "The White Horse Inn".


Town and lake Mondsee

A large cathedral dominates the small town of Mondsee. It was once the heart of an important monastery. Founded in 748 on the ruins of a roman settlement, it influenced the culture of the region for more than a thousand years until it was dissolved in 1792. The wedding scene in the movie was filmed here, Maria, led by Liesl, walked down the aisle to meet the baron  in front of the main altar.