Anif Castle
Leopoldskron Palace

The Palace at Leopoldskron is the most beautiful rococo building in the Salzburg region. It was built in 1731 by Archbishop Leopold Count Firmian as a residence for his family.


After 1837, when the Firmian family sold the estate, the building changed owners many times. Leopoldskron was a gallery, then became property of a landlord, and even the King of Bavaria can be found under the list of owners.


When famous writer Max Reinhardt, founder of the Salzburg Festival, bought it in 1918, it was in sad condition. Reinhardt renovated it, however, to its original beauty and used its garden for theater performances. Since 1958, the building has been owned by the "Salzburg Seminar in American Studies", an institution that focuses on economy problems.


Leopoldskron Palace was one of the most important locations for the film: The rear view was used for the Trap Family home. The family drank lemonade with the baroness on the terrace. Maria and the baron dance on the balcony during the ball scene, and the children fell into the adjacent lake. The Venetian room from the castle was copied and used as the ballroom for the interior shootings which were done in the studios.


Castle Anif

Castle Anif of neogothic style was built in the 19th century as a summer residence for the Bishops of Chiemsee, Bavaria. Today, it is the property of the Count Moy family. It is of historical interest because the last Bavarian King, Ludwig 2, abdicated here in 1918.The castle can be spotted in the beginning of the film, during the aerial view of Salzburg.