Residence Fountain and St. Peter's

Salzburg Residence

Archbishop's Residence
Fountain at Residence Square

The Residence Square is the heart of the old city center. In the film, Maria crossed this square singing "I have confidence" while on her way to the Trapp family home for the first time.

The Glockenspiel with its 35-bell chime overlooks the square. It was cast in 1689 in Antwerp by Melchior de Haze.The Residence buildings were used by the Prince Archbishops from the 17th century onwards. Apart from being archbishops, they also held absolute power over Salzburg.


Residence Fountain

The Residence Fountain is 15 meters high and the largest baroque fountain outside Italy. It was built between 1658 and 1661, possibly by Italian artist Tommaso di Garona, and is made of marble from the Untersberg, a mountain near Salzburg. Its water-spouting horses reached world fame thanks to their appearance in the movie. Maria stopped at the fountain to splash water at the horses while singing "I have confidence".


St. Peter's District

St. Peter's District is really the oldest part of Salzburg. The first monks, headed by Saint Rupert, settled here. The rest of the city started to spread out slowly around the monastery. Today you can still see catacombs cut in the rock of the Moechsberg and originating from 215 A.D. St. Peter's cemetery is the oldest one in Austria still in use. Only priests and monks were buried here up to the year 1454. The arcades around the cemetery are family vaults from the 17th century with various examples of wrought iron work.


Obviously, St. Peter's Cemetery was a good inspiration for the movie makers: It was rebuilt in the Hollywood studios for the scene when the Nazis were searching for the von Trapps and the family was hiding behind the tombstones. St. Peter's Church can also be seen in the opening scene.