The Untersberg, a peak jutting 1853 meters out of the Salzburg basin, offers a great view across the region. Climbing it takes more than two hours and should not be attempted without proper footwear and windbreaker, as well as food and water provisions. Because there are some steep parts, you should not be afraid of heights.


You can reach the station of the cable car by catching bus No. 55 from the city center. The round trip, up and down, costs less then twenty US-dollars.


The Untersberg can be spotted twice in the movie: In the opening scene and in the escape scene, when the family climbs the mountain to leave the country.


Hohenwerfen Fortress

A motorway leads to the little village of Werfen which lies about 40 kilometers south from downtown Salzburg. The fortress was built under the rule of Archbishop Gebhardt von Helffenstein in the year 1077 to protect and defend the pass leading into the Salzburg basin.


Werfen is also the gateway for a trip to the famous Giant Ice Caves. A guide takes you into the spectacular cave system which is said to be biggest in the world.The Hohenwerfen Fortress gives Julie Andrews and the children a perfect background for "Do-Re-Mi".